Great Barrier Reef

After falling in awe of the beauty of the Reef's textures, life, and colors off the shores of Cairns;

I started wondering about how the first people who experienced it interpreted it's significance before we knew about the unique science behind it. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the traditional owners of the Great Barrier Reef region. For over 60,000 years their connections have been part of the unique living maritime culture, and today their traditional customs and spiritual lore continue to be practiced in their use of sea country and natural resources.

Aboriginals understood that the reef was a special and fragile world, one to be used and harvested but also protected. They call the ocean "sea country" and extend their beliefs and values to cover it. Song lines extend out into the sea from the coast line,

linking the actions of whales and wombats, crabs and crows into meaningful stories. The authorities of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park have developed a number of conservation initiatives involving collaboration with Aboriginal communities because of the undeniable link they have culturally with the reef.