Aegean Sea destinations

I was so grateful to be invited by my parents to cruise from Venice to Istanbul. Stoping along the way in Croatia, Montenegro, a handful of islands in Greece before hitting a couple of ports in Turkey.

Needless to say I had boats on the brain.

Virtually throughout the Aegean area, numerous islands large and small emerge from the clear blue waters. These are the mountain peaks of Aegeis, the name given to a now-submerged landmass. At the dawn of European history, these islands facilitated contacts between the people of the area and of three continents. Throughout the entire Aegean shoreline, bays, ports, and shelter creeks are abundant. These facilitated the task of seamen traveling in the Aegean Sea, making longer voyages possible at a time when shipbuilding was in its infancy. Maritime history and lore are abundant- including some claims of the lost city of Atlantis residing here.