sorry for the lag. I've been traveling and planing. so much to fill you in on in the coming posts

How I'm aspiring...

... to be at work.

oh my heart

this was me, minus the jewelry, a little over a year and a half ago. To be 'elsewhere' has it's romance and advantages. To be 'here' does too.


pimped out pumpkins

this posting from a few years ago by still gets me excited for halloween festivities!

friday's flowers

it doesn't take much!

light it up

i'm going to take a wee break from blogging, but I'll be back. A

romancing the home

i yearn for a little romantic whimsy in my home designs.

splash of rojo

had to share these pics from Slim Paley. I love a sharp accent.


This week the Jones, dynamic duo Amanda and Creelane, take over my imagination.

oh so very me

if only.

UDA Architects

The furniture, designed like isolated objects inhabiting a landscape between the interior and exterior, belongs to the category of the unusual and obscure –  it has an immediate air of familiarity and, at the same time, mysteriousness. A mixture of having been rediscovered and never-previously-seen, known and unknown, in a delicate balance between what we already know about a space and that feeling of disorientation we experience when faced with something new.

Words by V. Camagna/ UdA Architects