BLUE TAPE travel craft

Embracing global travel to learn, grow and innovate, Amy Kern launched Blue Tape Design officially in June 2012 in conjunction with the start of a dedicated year of international travels. The Blue Tape Design blog covers global inspiration & design with a focus on Amy's favorite things: art, traditional craft, innovative design and planning, and people who make things. Updated 2-3 times a week, the site documents a visual journey with unique design experiments and observations. 
Amy Kern is a master industrial designer who has worked with design forward companies in New York, San Francisco, and L.A.  before realizing her travel ambitions in 2012. She now designs furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories for clients around the world. She has authored the Blue Tape Design blog since 2012. New sections will be added to the site in 2014 chronicling her design adventures whilst catapulting AK MAGMA DESIGN consultancy into life. You can read more about Amy's studio, products, and design consulting services as the site unfolds